Kepya is an agricultural products and services marketing platform that collects information on the availability and need for agricultural products and promotes their quick transaction.

The structure of the relations that can be established on the platform is based on 4 essential roles:

  • Producers+Kepya is available to all producers of both family and business farming, whether manual or mechanized. Farmers with reading and writing difficulties can reach Kepya through an aggregator from their community. Soon there will be even more ways to access the platform.
  • Aggregators+They are young people living in rural areas and more easily accostumed to mobile technology. They become responsible for coordinating, aggregating and representing producer groups within the platform. One of the main responsibilities of the aggregator is to collect information on production plans, monitor crop evolution, publish harvest date, product type, quantity and prices. Thus, producers focus on production while aggregators stimulate and facilitate the marketing and offtake. In this way, Kepya creates new job opportunities.
  • Buyers+For all agents who buy agricultural products in large quantities, whether for consumption, processing or trade. With the Kepya platform, a registered buyers have access to a credible and diverse national network of suppliers actively seeking the solution to what they are looking for.
  • Transporters +When a transaction is successful, registered carriers on the platform are notified of the freight opportunity, having a deadline to accept the freight and schedule the collection and delivery of the goods. Thus, logistics work is no longer a responsibility of producers and buyers but it’s managed by the carrier and the Kepya team.

Better information helps making better decisions.

We help to compile, interpret and communicate agribusiness trends in Angola.

Price Analysis

Every week the Kepya Index assesses the evolution of the prices of the best selling products in the main markets of Angola.

Search and Match Engine

Kepya is a powerful engine that constantly crosses product availability and generates transactions.

Why choose Kepya?

Being part of the Kepya platform represents a set of business advantages and opportunities, safely and with the best partners.

Farming Ecosystem

All the products, services and value added information that the farmer needs for the good performance of his activity are in the Kepya platform.

Partnership Network

Platform members benefit from strategic partnerships that bring solutions to the different functional areas of agribusiness.

Better Options

With more information, you will find the best prices, the best quality and the best deals.

Market Data Analysis

Kepya is a platform based on information and analysis. This allows to design the most assertive scenarios and build stronger forecasts for all agents.

Bringing together for growth

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