About us

Angola’s Trading Platform for Farmers

Agromarket Kepya

Kepya is an agricultural products and services marketing platform that provides information on the availability and need for agricultural products and promotes the quick transactions in a single click. To ensure its easy use and inclusion, the platform can be used via web portal, telephone call or text messaging. The structure of the relations that can be established on the platform is based on 4 essential roles: PRODUCER, AGGREGATOR, BUYER and TRANSPORTER. As an innovative solution for the rural context of Angola, namely the low level of literacy, the figure of AGGREGATOR brings essential added value. This role is represented by rural young people who already have some ease in the use of technological resources and thus serve as intermediaries and influencers in the rural environment.

Our Vision

Kepya’s vision is to become the largest agricultural fair-trade platform, connecting farmers to industrial all around the world.

Our Mission

kepya’s mission is to become THE global reference for DIGITAL agricultural food crop transactions through a complete PLATFORM solution.

Our Solution

Kepya provides a full-solution that operates throughout the entire agro-industry supply chain.

  • A user-friendly platform that generates market opportunity for farmers and industry buyers.
  • Unlimited access to a global market from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Transparent and reliable market information, deal creation and negotiation.
  • Integrated and secure platform payment processes.
  • Tailored product quality verification and logistic services.
  • A market with only verified buyers and sellers.
  • Customer support & insight.