Privacy policy Kepya

In order to use the Kepya platform (“Platform”), it is necessary to collect information concerning the entity holding the Platform User account (“Account”) and the individual representing it, as well as their communication for the purposes expressly set out in this Privacy Policy.

Kepya privileges information on the Users and transparency in the use of its platform, which is why we kindly ask you to carefully read the conditions contained in this document, in which we inform you not only how we process personal data, its purposes, means and conditions for communication thereof, but also of your rights as data subject.

  • Information we collect and where we store it
  • For us to provide our service through the Agri Marketplace – online platform for the purchasing and selling of agricultural products and providing quality / quality certification services and logistics and agricultural products transportation services – we collect, with your consent, the following personal data:

    Personal data provided by the User (referring to an individual):
    • Name and / or name of the representative (in the case of an entity);
    • Entity in which you work;
    • The position you hold;
    • E-mail address;
    • Proof of identification;
    • Proof of address / residence;
    • Telephone / mobile phone number.
    Other information that we may collect:
    • The IP (Internet Protocol) address;
    • The type of Internet browser used and its operating system;
    • The browser language;
    • The date and time of access(es) and reference URL;
    • The pages visited on the Agri Marketplace platform;
    • Details on how services are used, including search queries;
    • Cookies that may uniquely identify your browser or your Account.
  • Use given to the information we collect
  • We use the information we collect to provide intermediation services in the purchasing and selling of agricultural products and /or the supply and delivery of logistics and agricultural products transportation services and / or quality / quality certification services.

    We may also use the information you have provided for the following purposes:
    • The processing of transactions, including payments made through our Website;
    • The creation, registration and management of your account;
    • The verification of your identity;
    • To contact you and answer any questions you may have;
    • To explore, evaluate and improve the products and / or services supplied and / or provided through the Agri Marketplace platform (in particular, to analyze trends in the procurement of goods and / or services, and to analyze our customers database);
    • To record your preferences and habits for the products and services marketed on the Agri Marketplace platform;
    • To conduct surveys or statistical analysis to improve our Website and our services;
    • To fulfill any obligations arising from contracts or agreements entered into with you;
  • Communication of the data and its recipients
  • In order for you to enjoy the services offered by the Agri Marketplace platform, it is essential to communicate the Account User data to third parties; and Agri MP may also communicate your data namely to comply with any legal or contractual obligation.

    When this happens, Agri MP shall take appropriate measures to ensure that any entities having access to the data offer the highest guarantees at this level, adopting the necessary technical and organizational measures to protect personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction , accidental loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access and against any other form of illicit processing.

    The Account public data (company name, tax identification number, registered office, User’s email address) shall be communicated to Users who are parties to the purchase and sale or provision of services agreements to be signed through the Platform.

    Shall also be communicated to the payment service provider, Lemon Way (with registered office at Rue de la Beaune, No. 15, Montreuil, France), in order to ensure the execution of the financial operations resulting from the use of the platform, the elements contained in the User account and its payment data, as well as information concerning the purchase and sale transactions made by the User. For more information, please refer to the chapter on collection and processing of personal data, of the terms and conditions of use of the Lemon Way platform available in